Palanga Attractions

Welcome to use the services of a guide. Places to visit in Palanga:

Birutės Botany Park.
Palace of Earl Tiškevičius – Amber Museum.
A. Mončius House – Museum.
Palanga Amber Guild masters’ workshop. There you can observe the amber processing.


Nida: the Hill of Witches, the house of famous writer T. Manas, Parnidis sand - dune.
Klaipėda: the Maritime Museum and Aquarium, Dolphinarium, the Clock Museum, Old Town.
Hilly Samogitia: Orvydas Museum, M. Valančius Native Land, Plateliai, Plungė.
Kretinga: the Palace of Earl Tiškevičius, the Winter Garden, the Monastery of the Franciscan Friars. 
Kaunas and Rumšiškės Ethnographic Museum.
Vilnius and Trakai Castle.

An Entertainment Complex „HBH“

Here You can taste the beer and the kvass produced locally at the complex and try traditional Lithuanian dishes. There You will find lots of activities and attractions for Your children and yourselves.

Bicycle Tours

It is an excellent way to spend Your leisure time. Well made bicycle paths, seacoast sights – a perfect source of inspiration to Your holidays. 

The bicycles for our guests free of charge. 
The trips with the guide are possible.